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Why 158?

I'm Nicoletta, the mind (and heart) behind 158 Studio.
158 is the number of the house that hosted me during the three years of studies in Jewelery Design, at the IED in Rome.
The four walls within which I threw the roots of a personal and ambitious project.

In April 2016 I inaugurate the first 158 Studio, a space of industrial inspiration, between the design and sale of contemporary jewels.

Exactly two years from the start, in May 2018 the studio moved to the heart of the historic center of Sorrento, in what was a renowned jewelry of the 70s, respecting the past history towards a future that promises to be wonderful .

To date, 158 Studio is a boutique that hosts collections of jewelry and fashion accessories by various emerging Italian designers, who are distinguished by the use of refined and original materials, different from each other.

Ceramics, leather, silk, nylon, plexiglass, metals such as bronze and silver, elements of an industrial nature: the materials are the real protagonists, they tell the story of the designers who work them.
A meeting place between the most ancient and traditional techniques of jewelery making and the most recent technologies relating to the use of 3D printers.

The constant search for collections from alternative materials and the encounter with different designers make 158 Studio an ever new space, which changes over time into a different but always faithful form.

The goal is to meet the needs of a vast and heterogeneous clientele, with different tastes and personal inclinations, to create a shopping experience to remember.

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